Hmm, why does this feel like one of those exercises you do when learning a language in school where you have to pretend you’re writing to a new penfriend? “Je cherche un correspondant…”


That about sums me up, to be honest. My name is Carl. I’ve just turned ancient years old and I’m pretty abstract. Yep, that’s absolutely summed up in a random couple of sentences about high school French lessons, isn’t it?


I was born with a severe visual impairment and lost my sight completely as a very young child. I’ve not let this get in my way, however. This site is about me and the things I enjoy. It’s also about disability and the fact that it’s only as much of an obstacle as people choose to make it.


Don’t panic! I’m not about to get all political and stuff – well, maybe a bit political but it’ll usually be lost in irrelevant examples and unnecessarily long sentences so you won’t notice. It’s mostly a place to talk about the hobbies I enjoy and share some of the randomness with which I’m often beset.


Also, because this is the internet after all, I have delusions of creativity. This means that I will – eventually – attempt to publish some writing. I enjoy singing and playing the guitar so my neighbours will no doubt be delighted with the news that I want to try to record some music (as if there isn’t enough injustice in the world?).


I want to make demonstration, tutorial, motivational and educational YouTube recordings and podcasts. It’s alright though: not all at the same time. The aim of these is to show how I’ve not let being blind get in the way of activities such as playing the guitar, getting hopelessly over-excited about role playing games, and cooking. This comes on the back of a recent conversion to the church of technology. Despite how important it has been for me, I’ve been strangely resistant to letting the almighty microchip into my life. I’ve seen the light – or, more accurately, heard the synthesised voice – in recent years and I want to show other people how much of a difference this can make.


Finally, I like dragons.


“So he’s blind, wants to be abstract, hopes to support people and likes dragons? What on earth could he call a website about this?” That’s one of those questions that stirs the world into a frenzy even more than the launch of a new Apple product.

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